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Artisan jewelry & accessories – Recycled, Upcycled, Ethically Sourced

Arova has launched a new marketing campaign with Party Plus Company.  Check out the following link, Party Plus, to learn more about becoming an independent sales consultant (Advocate) and how your business can empower others throughout the world.

In India, we’ve teamed up with Empowerment Programs where impoverished women are able to earn an income by creating beautiful handcrafted jewelry and bags.

In Mexico, we’re working with another Empowerment program who are making gorgeous “upcycled” bags using pop tabs and inner tubes from tires.

Supporting a great cause – GoldenKidz

Supporting a good cause - GoldenKidz

A great thing about growing up in a small town is the sense of community and camaraderie one will always have with those you grew up with in the school yard – Alicia was a few years younger than me and a best friend of Arova’s founder – Megan. Although years went by and we all followed our own paths it is great to see our paths cross again and with a common interest – to give back to others.

Golden Kidz is a non-profit organization created to assist with the emotional and financial needs of families with children diagnosed with cancer and to bring childhood cancer awareness to the community (GoldenKidz, 2014). I was honored to be asked to take part in their 1st Annual Holiday Jam in 2013 and meet all the other amazing vendors who attended the event – most especially BATMAN!