Arova Intern is my first blog and I felt it was important to use my initial post as a brief highlight of who we are and how our message blends with and into other people’s lives. Refer back to my first post about Golden Kidz and follow the link to learn more about their amazing organization.  A bit about me… I’m a full-time student, veterinary nurse, and part-time Intern and this ‘blogging’ world is a new adventure and it is my goal to continue to provide interesting and engaging stuff.

What is AROVA??

We are an Eco-fashion accessory brand for women providing a sales channel to artisans that make handcrafted goods using natural based and recycled materials.  Each product is unique with its individual touch and message.

Natural Selection

Arova was a concept that came to life when Megan Milar returned from living in India after three years with her husband and 4 children. While there, she had volunteered with an organization called Developing Indigenous Resources (D.I.R) and wanted to find a way to continue to assist their efforts.  DIR is an established non-profit organization that works with residents in impoverished communities within India to build knowledge and skills so that they can achieve a level of health that empowers them to participate fully in social and economic development.

Upon Megan’s return  to the States she became aware that the amazing program created to empower women by allowing them to earn an income while working at home, was at risk for being terminated.  Our beautiful and unique wine bags (Janta & Tenacity) are crafted by the women of this program.  Megan’s love of fashion, business experience, need to help others, and belief in the concept of people, planet and then profit led to the birth of AROVA.

Beside the founder/CEO being one of the best friends a woman could ask for, it is her drive and belief in helping others that has inspired me to spend many evenings talking shop, pounding away at the computer, tagging products, and drinking wine. 😉    Seriously, our journey over the past year of late nights, home parties, events and trips out-of-town has shown me that having faith in a bigger picture can be inspiring.  I am excited about our journey ahead and all the amazing things we will accomplish.

What inspires you and have you ever asked yourself –

How Can I Make A Difference for someone else?

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