Supporting a great cause – GoldenKidz

Supporting a good cause - GoldenKidz

A great thing about growing up in a small town is the sense of community and camaraderie one will always have with those you grew up with in the school yard – Alicia was a few years younger than me and a best friend of Arova’s founder – Megan. Although years went by and we all followed our own paths it is great to see our paths cross again and with a common interest – to give back to others.

Golden Kidz is a non-profit organization created to assist with the emotional and financial needs of families with children diagnosed with cancer and to bring childhood cancer awareness to the community (GoldenKidz, 2014). I was honored to be asked to take part in their 1st Annual Holiday Jam in 2013 and meet all the other amazing vendors who attended the event – most especially BATMAN!

3 thoughts on “Supporting a great cause – GoldenKidz”

  1. Thanks for the introduction to such a great organization. I often think about kids with cancer and their families upon reflection when I drive past Children’s Hospital here in St. Louis. When do we get to hear about BATMAN?

  2. Love this idea!!! Seeing and hearing about kids with cancer is ALWAYS a heart breaker for me and this is such a wonderful, fun, and loving way to keep kids having fun and smiling!!!

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